Where to buy wholesale clothing in Panama?


Panama is well known as one of the hottest places to buy or sell wholesale goods and is a frequented destination on the the business travelers map. There are large quantities of products flowing between China, the US and Europe which pass through the Panama canal in the “zona libre de colon” which is an area free of local taxes or duties. A large number of wholesale distributors are located in this area and deal direct with the public (even in small quantities).

Many people travel to Panama from other south and central american countries to pick up cheap american branded clothing to take back in suitcases and sell (illegally in most cases) without paying import tax. Among the most popular products which are bought and sold in this way are: Shoes, watches, tops, jeans and all manner of apparel.

List of companies, warehouses and factory outlets located in Panama:


Panama City

Innovo Lingerie.
Teléfono fijo: 62211667
Dirección: oficina Costa Sur,Panamá
Tocumen, Panamá, Panamá.
– lingerie, swimwear.

Mini Clover.
Teléfono: +507 6011 0339
Dirección: v. Santa Isabel,
Centro Comercial Interplaza,
Piso 4, Local 502.
Zona Libre de Colón,
– Children´s clothes.


Jeans & Metal.
Teléfono: 3795, 0424 411 7440
Franelas, Tommy Hilfiger, ropa, calzado, accesorios.
Dirección: CC Mediterranean Plaza Local P2-L45-M1-TD-1 Nivel Planta Baja
Colón, Colón, Panamá

Excellence Panamá.
Telefono: 507 66957066
Ciudad de Colón, Panamá
– Dresses, shorts, pajamas, Swimwear.

Kedco Fashion.
Teléfono: +507 441-5344
Fax: +507 441-5136
Dirección: Calle 14 y 15
Zona Libre de Colon
Male and female clothing, shoes.

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