Where can I buy wholesale clothing in Los Angeles?


So you’re thinking about travelling to Los Angeles to experience wholesale shopping at its finest. Indeed Los Angeles is a paradise for the experienced shopper but without proper knowledge of the city you will likely end up paying retail. LA is a big city and knowing where to go beforehand is vital.

Fashion District

A vast area covering over 100 blocks almost 90% of which is dedicated exclusively to wholesale buyers (bulk purchases by licensed operators). If you’re looking for woman’s clothing the best place to start is the LA Fashion Center which is in the middle of the women’s wear section.

Time of day

Saturdays are the best (and busiest) day of the week. Wholesalers who typically don’t open to the public often do sell direct on Saturday. Getting in early may seem like a good idea but remember you may be able to haggle better closer to closing time when the stores are eager to meet their targets for the day and move any unsold stock.


Haggle your way in to a good deal. There are thousands of shops to choose from and you will need to spend some time here to fully appreciate all the area has to offer. Understand that many stores are wholesale only which means unless you are buying bulk, you will not be able to purchase. Take your time to explore the hundreds of streets and be sure to comment on your experience.

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