Cowgirl style! Denim dresses are a fashion knockout


We love the the cowgirl style! It provides a combined look (modern, urban and casual) and makes a statement that you are trendy. You will get positive attention from both sexes if you pull this look of successfully.

More than a trend, the cowgirl style does not come in and out of fashion. For the right woman, a denim dress, shorts, jacket and sombrero will provide years of occasional use, given the strength of the material and the timelessness of this style.

How to do it?


All kinds of designs are available from adjustables to clear tone. Like everything in life, you must be carefull not to fall in to the trap of exageracion. Make an understated overstatement!

The don’ts

  • Dont go exagerate the look
  • Dont dress in all denim (mix it up)
  • Dont go too short or too long
  • The do’s

  • Do wear a sombrero
  • Do show a little skin
  • Do make it sexy (not slutty)
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